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Sweets & Chocolates

Sweets & Chocolates
Dabur Honey 100g
Rs 205.00


Dabur Honey 100g..

Daintee Milady Chocomint Toffee 100pcs
Rs 200.00


A type of candy made up with mint and chcolatate taste. ..

Delta Milk Toffee 50units
Rs 200.00


Delta Milk Toffee is a milky toffee with sweet taste. All generations love this sweetness...

Ferrero Rocher 5pcs
Rs 595.00


Ferrero Rocher is a chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa. The chocolates consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream including vegetable oil and co..

Galaxy Chocolate Smooth 110g
Rs 799.00


Smooth Milk Galaxy Chocolate. Suitable for vegetarians. Choose Pleasure Galaxy!..

Kandos Cashewnut Chocolate 100g
Rs 300.00


Kandos Cashewnut Chocolate is a firm favourite for generations of Kandos chocolate Lovers. A bite of Kandos Cashewnut Chocolate will give your taste buds a treat as mouthwatering chocolate and small trickles of nuts melt hand in hand...

Kandos Cashewnut Chocolate Bar 45g
Rs 140.00


Kandos Cashewnut Chocolate Bar 45g..

Kandos Chocolate Celebration 360g
Rs 1,100.00


it has Brownie chunks, crunch pie, Dream Bar, lashings of caramel sauce, a good helping of digestive crumb and a scattering of white chocolate crispy pearls. We finish this one off with chocolate sauce, more digestive, and crown i..

Kandos Chocolate Choconuts 90g
Rs 100.00


Kandos Chocolate Choconuts 90g..

Kandos Promises 120g
Rs 330.00


Kandos Promises 120g..

Kandos Promises 200g
Rs 570.00


Kandos Promises 200g..

Kandos Super Blend Milk Chocolate 160g
Rs 390.00


Kandos Super Blend Milk Chocolate is a super blended creamy chocolate. And also it can give as a gift for someone special. ..

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