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General Needs

General Needs
 Jumbo Sack Garbage Bag-Blue 27*36
Rs 240.00


Jumbo Garbage bag, rubbish bag trash bag or refuse sack is a disposable bag used to contain solid waste. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material..

 Panasonic Alkaline LR6T 2B AA Battery
Rs 260.00


These Panasonic batteries have a power protection for up to 7 years in storage. Quality materials work to prevent degradation and to ensure long-life stability for up to 7 years. They also have an anti-leak protection if used correctly and ..

Birthday Candle
Rs 85.00


A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax, or another flammable solid substance such as tallow, that provides light, and in some cases, a fragrance. A candle can also provide heat, or be used as a method of keeping time. The candle can be used du..

Brightex Jumbo Sponge Scrubber
Rs 135.00


Domestic Care. A range of products to meet various domestic cleaning purposes, from kitchen utensils to surfaces...

Brightex Sponge Scrubber 3 In 1
Rs 210.00


- Domestic Care. A range of products to meet various domestic cleaning purposes, from kitchen utensils to surfaces...

Flora Bbq Sticks 100pcs
Rs 110.00


Flora Bbq Sticks is a  wood stick used to hold pieces of food together. The word may sometimes be used as a metonym, to refer to the entire food item served on a sticks . Sticks are used while roasting meats and fish, and in other culinary appli..

Flora BBQ Sticks 6 100s
Rs 75.00


Flora 6" wooden barbecue sticks, 100 in a pack...

Flora Wooden Tooth Picks 100S
Rs 30.00


In a poly packRound, Polished & one point tip with shaved head..

Kiwi Shoe Shine Sponge Black 5ml
Rs 215.00


KIWI Express Shine Sponge is a convenient sponge that provides a quick and easy way to deliver a great shine time after time...

Kiwi Shoe Shine Sponge Neutral 5ml
Rs 215.00


for polish our shoes and give a new life to our footwears ...

Silver Neutral Shine Sponge 8917-6ml
Rs 170.00


Silver Neutral Shine Sponge provides a quick solution to keeping your shoes looking their best. Keep at home, office briefcase, car...anywhere you need a quick shine!..

Sparkle Sponge Scrubber
Rs 80.00


Sparkle Scrub Sponges. Sparkle Scrub Sponges brightens up your kitchen. These unique sponges are safe and effective on non-stick surfaces, and perfect for glassware and porcelain. The efficient scrubbing texture works hard so you ..

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